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Best SMS Bulk

BEST SMS BULK is one of the best bulk SMS providers and SMS gateways in the world. Marketing SMS, Transactional SMS, OTP SMS, Import/export Lists, Schedule SMS, Fast delivery, Direct routes with Service Providers, HTTP APIs, SMPP connections and fully customizable platform.

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SMS Marketing Solutions

SMS messages have a high open rate and they are saved in the end users mobile for future reference. Messages can reach any mobile even basic ones. This is why our SMS service is used by NGOs as the basic mean of communications. SMS can be used for: news, promotions, alerts, one-time pin (OTP), communications, etc. Our SMS gateway is the fastest in the market.

SMS Bulk

BEST SMS BULK platform has the following unique SMS features: SMS delivery report, API access, short link and landing pages creator, advanced dashboard, targeted database, personalized SMS, 24/24 support and most importantly competitive prices.

AI SMS Platform

One of the most important feature that differentiates Best SMS Bulk platform from the others is that it is custom made and is always up to date to include the latest technologies in the market. Our system is self-learning and we are aiming to introduce the Artificial Intelligence feature to it.


Leading SMS Service Provider

Global mobile messaging: Simply send anywhere, demonstrated high performance SMS gateway, total simplicity with rich messaging features, all in one bulk and A2P SMS service for business, fully customizable platform, exclusive SMS marketing database and two ways SMS and micropayment.

White-Label Program

We build your SMS server in a white label where you can use your own branding and logo, direct your clients to your site and sell them SMS under your company name without mentioning BEST SMS BULK as your service provider for bulk SMS.

Features that make our SMS product unique

Our AI-based paltform is fully custom-made and provides the following features

Super Fast

Hundred thousands of records can be imported and sent in seconds. In one page, all the actions are available.

Mobile Friendly

You don't need a mobile app to send SMS. Our platform is mobile friendly and can be accessed easily from any device.

Automatic formatting and wrong numbers detection

Numbers imported from your list will be automatically formatted. In addition, our system can guess and notify you about wrong numbers.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are integrated within our website. Create your page in seconds and add images for your products, links to your website, etc.

Targeted Database

You can select your targeted prospects based on their age, location, profession, etc. and send them a message in one click.


Worldwide SMS Service Provider

Each Country has multiple service providers and each service provider has multiple rules. Best SMS Bulk will make sure to highlight all specific requirements related to any country in order to benefit the most from your SMS campaign.


SMS Coverage






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Additional Services

SMS is our baby and we are complementing it with several additional marketing services.

Google Ads Services

  • Flexible Pricing /mo
  • Creating Ads
  • Managing Ads
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Full support
  • Choose Plan

Wifi Social Platform

  • Flexible Pricing /mo
  • Collect Leads
  • Re-Target Leads
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Full Support
  • Choose Plan

Software and Websites Solutions

  • Flexible Pricing /mo
  • Customizable solutions
  • Integration experts
  • Websites Design
  • SEO Experts
  • Choose Plan
Call 961 3 645875

Online Platform

Your SMS account is accessible from your laptop & mobile 24/7. Send your SMS campaigns anytime, anywhere!

Instant Delivery

Immediate SMS delivery to mobile numbers. No delays, even when sending thousands of SMS.

API Integration

Send automated SMS from your software or mobile app using our Free & easy to use API.

COVID-19 Updates

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and declared lockdown, Best SMS Bulk has introduced a host of additional measures to maintaining a safe environment without any services interruptions.

Low Carbon Future

We remain committed towards a low-carbon future and have finalized the migration of all our tools to meet this requirement.


All our marketing tools are digitized and replace the need for billboards, ads in newspapers and printed ads. Touchless solutions were also developped in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.